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CES Medical Systems
“Your independent business partner” The company has been providing support services to the medical industry for over 30 years. Experience has taught us that a diverse spectrum of resources and a great deal of effort by a variety of specialists is essential to successfully bring a new product to market. It is extremely unlikely that any single organization will have the resources and experience necessary to best accomplish all the tasks that are required.

Our experience as an FDA certified Medical Device Manufacturer enables us to effectively augment the resources of companies developing new computer based products for the medical community. Acting as an independent business partner we can provide high- quality design, engineering and manufacturing services to medical device companies. Our nationwide network of service centers can also provide installation and post delivery support if required.

Design Review
Software Testing and
FDA Compliance  
Prototype Development  
Hardware Selection & Assembly  
Contract Assembly  
Production Manufacturing  
Installation Services  
Field Service Engineering Support  
Maintenance & Upgrade Services  
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